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Dream Home Residence

The combination of comfort and functionality in a single residential complex.

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About the project

  • The complex is equipped with a secure play area for children where they can have fun and play at any time.
  • The favorable location of the complex in the historical center of the capital provides access to numerous educational institutions, parks, supermarkets, restaurants, and cultural institutions.
  • Apartment owners will always be protected, with secure access to the house and video surveillance throughout the territory.
  • The complex is equipped with underground parking spaces with controlled access.

Building layout

Everyone will find a suitable option.

Buying your own home is a very reverent and responsible decision. In Dream Home Residence everyone will find a suitable apartment for themselves. We offer you various layouts with 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms. Regardless of whether you are a young family or you live alone and just want to finally get your own apartment, we can confidently say that we have the best option for you. You can choose your desired apartment on any floor with a view to any side of the city thanks to the competent design of the residential complex.

Specially equipped commercial premises

We have foreseen everything in order to ensure you maximum comfort and practicality. There are specially equipped commercial premises on the ground floor of the complex. This option is great for your business and the most important advantage of such premises is the fact that they are in a crowded place. In addition, due to the fact that the premises are provided for extended windows, you can significantly save on electricity.

High quality materials

In order to ensure you a safe and comfortable stay, we use only high-quality materials and modern construction methods. Exterior and interior walls will be made of BCA Ytong masonry. The partitions of the apartments will be made of brickwork with mineral wool filling, which will provide heat and sound insulation. The facade of the blocks will be ventilated, insulated with mineral wool and covered with a combination of ceramic granite and natural stone.

Luxury 2-level penthouses with 5-6 rooms

Dream Home Residence offers you not only apartments, but also luxurious 2-level penthouses with 5-6 rooms and breathtaking views of the city. Penthouses of this size can be used as a place for a comfortable life of a large family or as a representative office with the possibility of living. The main advantage of this kind of real estate is, of course, in privacy.

Spacious apartments of a residential complex

Spacious apartments of Dream Home Residence give you many benefits. You can easily translate into reality any of your design ideas. Each family member will have his own corner, thereby forming his own personal space. The high level of insolation provided by the large size of the windows in the apartments gives more light and comfort. Large apartments allow you to create recreational rooms with a pool table, library or gym.

New level and modern standards of living

Comfort is the most important thing in any home, so we took care of this primarily in the planning process. Apartments are designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes of residents. Dream Home Residence will provide you with a new level and modern standard of living. The design of the layouts was focused not only on the structure and aesthetics, but also on the maximum practicality and safety of those who will live in these apartments.

About us

Dream Home Residence is a modern residential complex located in the historical center of the capital. In the process of designing the blocks, emphasis was placed on the maximum comfort and safety of those who would live or work in these premises using innovative and high-quality building materials and solutions. Each apartment is equipped with: autonomous heating and ventilation (Italian equipment), individual counters of electricity, natural gas and water.